Socially Responsible Investing - Fashion Trend or an Interesting Opportunity?

Socially Responsible Investing - Fashion Trend or an Interesting Opportunity?


"I don't want my investments to go into companies that sell weapons or devastate the environment..." "It's not just about profit for me. I want to invest in companies that care about sustainability, reduce their carbon footprint, and trade fairly." These are statements I increasingly hear from clients. Fortunately... But what about socially responsible investing (SRI)? Is it just a passing trend and a compromise between returns and 'doing good'?

What Does 'Sustainability' Mean?

It's not just about economic growth with respect to the environment. It means much more. This philosophy is based on respect for people, peace, global partnership, and prosperity. The aim of this approach is still profit, but not at any cost.

How Does This View Reflect in Investments?

Investments in companies that exploit their employees, use child labor, recklessly handle waste, sell weapons, tobacco, or specialize in gambling are excluded.

What About Returns?

Does the client have to choose between doing good and returns? History shows otherwise. Not only do socially responsible investments not lag behind the market average, but they consistently outperform it. Clients don't have to choose between a good feeling and returns.

How Do Global Giants View This Trend?

Companies worldwide naturally take notice of this trend. Their motivation is to be a part of it. I believe it's not always just a desire for global well-being; perhaps it's sometimes a case of necessity being the mother of invention. Nevertheless, why not? Companies are content, clients have not only a good feeling but also returns, and the world changes for the better.

Our clients appreciate this approach. We regularly incorporate SRI funds into investment solutions. Without violating other qualitative rules, such as low costs and proper asset allocation. The result is not only stable returns but also a great feeling for the investor.

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