Protecting Money from Inflation is Becoming a Greater Challenge!

Protecting Money from Inflation is Becoming a Greater Challenge!


Our owner, Petra Štěpánková, was invited to talk about investments and investing in the #budujznačku podcast. Moderator Petr Schwank invites interesting entrepreneurs from various fields and brings their businesses closer to the listeners.

Listen to the interview starting from 05:40. 

Link to the Interview

What did we discuss?

We talked about the growing interest in investing and its reasons. How people are beginning to think about their money and realize that it cannot be protected in a bank account. 

How much, in general, should people save from their income and ideally invest regularly? 

We also discussed the current situation in Ukraine and how it affects our investments.

"People often confuse investing with speculation..."

We also touched on the difference between investing and speculation. These are terms that clients often confuse. 

Investing is a long-term strategic effort, creating a plan, sticking to it, and fulfilling it. In contrast, speculation means buying a security cheaply and selling it dearly. It's easy to say, but this tactic, in the vast majority of cases, doesn't pay off. 

Another topic was the most common and significant mistakes in investing. Market timing is one of the biggest... 

On the other hand, what does success in investing mean?

"...90% of investment success lies in the investor's behavior, not in the investment itself."

We are here to create an investment plan tailored to the client, which includes the right asset allocation and reflects their future plans and needs. The foundation is a well-chosen strategy, diversification, and portfolio rebalancing. However, even this doesn't protect the client from emotional selling during crises.

Communication above all...

Success also lies in proper communication with the client. At Melior Invest, we always try to inform our clients about the market situation and possible development scenarios. 

Socially Responsible Investing: A compromise between returns and doing the right thing? 

We also discussed socially responsible investing, which we strongly support in the company. Soon, we will introduce a new segment focused precisely on socially responsible investing, where returns are not everything, but there is no need to compromise between returns and doing the right thing.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy the interview... Enjoy listening:   

Link to the Interview (Listen to the interview starting from 05:40)

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