It's Out - Article in Statuss Magazine

It's Out - Article in Statuss Magazine


I've always been amazed at how much time and energy people dedicate to earning money and how little they think about preserving and growing it.

How to Evaluate Your Assets and What Were the Beginnings of Our Owner?

You can read all about it in the new issue of Statuss magazine, of which we are a part.

You can read the article here.

The Christmas issue, 'Taste of Success,' is full of inspiring articles, and we are glad to be one of them.

Statuss magazine is published by Viktorie Sion in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Prague 1, of which our company has been a member for several years.

Our owner, Petra Štěpánková, was given a two-page spread, where you'll learn about her beginnings and the challenges she faced in the initial years of working with clients. Breaking into investments, which are almost exclusively a male affair, was no cakewalk.

Petra founded Melior Invest in 2017 and now helps her clients grow their assets. As you'll read in the article, she found a way for your money to work while you sleep, vacation, or build your own business.

The cover photoshoot took place in early November at the beautiful premises of the Municipal House. The launch was held on December 6 at The Mozart Prague hotel, and it was truly grand!

Investments are the path to freedom and independence…

We're thrilled with the outcome, and we hope you are too!

Happy reading!

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