Investing for Children

Investing for Children


"Can we open an investment account for my sons?"

Securing Your Children’s Financial Future

Several of our clients have recently decided to open investment accounts for their children.

It's a very enlightened approach that makes perfect sense. Children have the advantage of a long investment horizon, which can potentially yield high returns in the future.

At Melior Invest, s.r.o., we are delighted that we can influence the younger generation and their relationship with money in this way.

Preparing your children for their journey into the world requires very little. Whether it's for education, housing, their first car, or laying the foundation for their entrepreneurial ventures.

The graph below shows the development of a one-time investment of 100,000 CZK combined with a monthly investment of 1,500 CZK.

Even with such a small amount, you can provide security for your children.

But it's not just about opening a new investment account and modeling a portfolio. It's about:

By starting to save money for your children on time, you're safeguarding their future and providing them with better starting conditions in life, be it launching their own business or paying for university tuition.

If the whole family invests, it makes a lot of sense.

Would you like a comprehensive approach to your family finances? We're happy to create a tailored investment solution for you.

Are you interested in an investment solution tailored specifically for you? Or just a consultation?

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Do not hesitate to contact us


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